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After i have my degree and a long time of waiting,finally i secure a job,altough far from my hometown,but it cost nothing to learn and try new things right? 3 weeks here and for me alot of things i gain esspecially in handling people and the best part is they are all foreigner! Not all understand english and malay,sooo dificult lar! But still i'm try to handle it,for me, it still ok lar,until yesterday when my boss get angry with me because not doing anything during on job training,ye la for me i got cover everything that i know but eventually still got detail things that i not cover and that where i got kantoi, hahahahaha,for me i really want to start my real job,but still need to understand all of things first right? Baby need to crawl first before start walk,and i need really to understand that quote,so for a month ahead,still with my boring days,learning and learning as many people said learning process didnt stop at all even when we meet our sakaratul maut time. Insyallah with all sabar that i have,i will face it,no matter hard it come later,hope fully Allah help me,amin

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